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What will come ch2
The mouse girl sighed in relief  finally made it to The town house of the noblemen Sir Gallmen.  She didn't know if her luck was good or bad today. The Dragon who saved her just less than an hour ago from a pack of wolves and even given her back the message. Walking up the stairs to the door, looking over the impressive house. The townhouse wasn't at all large by noble standards but it was much bigger than common people could afford in a town. Taking her small paw she gripped the large door knocker picking it up and letting it fall three times. Waiting for the door to be answered she peaked around the house. It was simple, yet was finely crafted. The noble who had this house built did not care about showing there wealth as some love to flaunt. Anyone could tell that the the house was built to high standards by looking at how the stone bricks inner locked so tightly together.
"How may I help you... Miss" A males neutral tone voice came from where the door used to be
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The Story of the Phoenix
No one remembers who had fired the first shot of the war, only that when everything was said and done, the world was burning in atomic hell fire. For Ten years the survivors of the war scrapped by, trying to survive in the hell that they created. The atomic wasteland was only part of the threat to the survivors, Other survivors that only cared for there own survival became raiders. The raiders attacked the few settlements that was trying to make a living. For ten years this went on and on, until one day the Phoenix came. From the ashes of the atomic wasteland like the bird of legion she came. Dressed in the most pure of white she stood tall and proud. The people recognized her power, and listen to her carefully. She told them that they only had two choices. Follow her or Die in this wasteland. One by one  all agreed to follow her, only one man refused her help. The man that refused her left the settlement never to had been seen again.
The phoenix worked her miracles, curing t
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What will come ch1
The day was still early, not yet past noon. The streets busy with people going about their own business. Ashkore a young male green dragon was sweeping the brick pavement in front of his grand parents shop.  The tall and well toned, his scales a dark green all but his throat that was an off white while the rest of his body was clothed with simple earth tone clothing. Having a long, dark brown mane that ran from his head down his back to the middle of his tail. It was easy to tell that he was in his own head not paying attention to what was going on around him.
A young mouse girl of cream color running for her life down the same street. The small girl  only four and a half feet tall, not all the short for her kin but to many others is small indeed. Wearing a travelers jacket of brown leather that came down to her ankles with a little split up the back  with her thin fleshy tail poking out of. Slung over her shoulder a beaten old leather bag with a closed fl
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Death fall
The Blast of heat and the thundering sound of the presser wave hit like a train. The explosion rippled though the building and my body. My limp body was sent flying as the explosion was set off. I can not stress how painful being dead center to a Explosion is. Hitting the window my bloody and battered body shattered the bullet proof glass of the mile high skyscraper. I realize as the wind roared around me that I was still alive cursing my luck, hoping my life would have ended in the blast but my luck was always bad.
I let myself smile as I fell My life maybe over but I did what I came here to do. The life of the man I came here to kill wad dead. His body would have been ripped to shreds by the explosion. The man that ruined him was dead, the man he so hated was dead and he could finely rest in piece. My smirk was soon enough whipped off my face as I impacted on something, I thought the blast hurt but the impact made me feel like every bone that wasn't already broken smashed into powder
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feeling down
Loneliness holds me
The pain never eases
Hope fades and goes
Nothing stays the same
Only one thing does
The pain of love
The tears of lost
Life starts and ends
With love
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I'm still alive and kicking and as some of you that read this things may know I have updated, OMG yes UPDATED a little writing. I Know I know I should really do more of the classical stuff, but really I have a huge block when it comes to drawing. Every time I want to pick up the pencil I know I can't get what's in my mind out on the paper and so I get frustrated to even try. It doesn't mean I haven't been being my creative self by any means, I just given up drawing for the most part. I know I shouldn't let it bug me that I can't draw as well as I'd like, but I know my talents aren't just in drawing so I don't try to limit myself. I don't know how many still know me but I'm going to try to get back into updating this thing, maybe taking some images of the things I've been working on in SL.

oh I don't know if I should do this since it's a 'store' but here is a link to my SL store, it will show you some of the things I have been working on. I may update the images to SL just for show and tale.…


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